Module 2C: Why you don’t need 1 million retirement fund

This video reinforces the fact that it’s not how much you have, but it’s more of how you reinvest your funds post retirement. You don’t even need RM 1 million after understanding the concept of Real Return Rate. Sounds too good to be true? It is. Watch the video below.

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Module 2A: The Retirement Timeline

Quoting a scenario from Yap Ming Hui’s book – Set Yourself Free, we want to understand why even putting RM 3 million now in Fixed Deposit for 30 years will not achieve your life goal of ¬†leaving a desired lump sum for your children. Also, we will draw out the Retirement Timeline for better understanding.…

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Module 1E: The Master Thief of your Money

…is always on the move. It is silent. It is never static. And by the time you are aware of it, sorry, you are already too late. And yes, I am talking about inflation. It is an incredibly dangerous three-headed monster. Why? First, it can’t be predicted accurately. Secondly, it multiplies your spending to retain…

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