Module 1E: The Master Thief of your Money

…is always on the move. It is silent. It is never static. And by the time you are aware of it, sorry, you are already too late.

And yes, I am talking about inflation. It is an incredibly dangerous three-headed monster. Why?

First, it can’t be predicted accurately.

Secondly, it multiplies your spending to retain your lifestyle.

Thirdly, it reduces your investment returns.

This destructive combination is a figure you cannot just assume one time in your planning then forget about it.  Although we have seen relatively stable inflation environment for the past few years, given the unprecedented government debt levels, you should carefully manage your post retirement withdrawals instead of blindly increasing it in tandem with your lifestyle every year.

In short, you need to adjust this inflation figure accordingly every year.

I will show you how.


p/s- we will cover post retirement withdrawal management in Week 4

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