Case Study: How does a 6% $ 950k nest egg outlast a 3% $ 1.5 mil nest egg*

Let me ask you a question: “Are you unhappy with the utter LACK of meaningful return you’re getting from “safe” investments?” If yes, then the answer lies in the Excel sheet below. It does not matter what kind of asset classes which make up your retirement nest egg – it could be stocks, unit trusts,…

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Scenario Modelling Analysis – why it is so powerful in retirement planning

Do you know that by just reducing your monthly expenses by a few hundred ringgits at the onset of your retirement, (and then increase it progressively with inflation of course), you are actually buying yourself a few more comfy retirement years? Else, the other option is to save another RM 200,000. Is it easier to…

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2 Critical Retirement Concepts to take note

It is not about how much you have in your retirement funds. It IS about how you manage your retirement funds post retirement. Also, understand the 2 important things which conventional retirement calculator may fail to take into account. First, is the capital liquidation vs capital preservation method in computing your retirement lump sum needs. Second,…

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“When?” you Lose Money from Retirement Fund Matters a LOT!*

It will be folly to assume it’s all bed of roses when it comes to investment return during your retirement. Again, the most crucial thing is how to manage your investment loss intelligently so that your other financial goals are kept as intact as possible. Having said that, the order of occurence this investment loss…

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Debunking the Retirement Myths: the 3 Pillars of Spending*

The Retire Method Scenario Modelling is based on the following 3 pillars: Investment asset Preservation & Growth which beats inflation, without utilizing the capital itself Sustainable Spending from Income generated by Investment Asset Creative Life Planning Conventional retirement plan or calculator is built on the assumption that you incrementally withdraw your annual expenses during your retirement…

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Use the 3-4-5 Rule to Build a Confidence Interval from Outliving your Retirement Funds*

Let’s start with the 4% withdrawal rule. The rule states that , if you never spend more than 4% of your investment asset balance each year, then you increase the odds of living your retirement life with lower risk of running out of money. But that is just a guideline, not a rule. It is…

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Introducing the RetireMethod Retirement Scenarios Modelling System*

With everything thus far combined, we have the Retire Method Retirement Scenarios Modelling system. Conventional retirement model often has this downfall – you get big variations in the amount of savings required to retire by changing the assumptions you put into the model. The fault is not the model itself, but the assumptions, which is…

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Protected: Live demo – How to use the Retirement Scenario Modelling Analysis*

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How to take charge of retirement – the 3 Individual Retirement Attitudes*

Here’s the mindset all of us should have in modern day when approaching retirement planning & management: I can no longer assume that any institution has my best interests at heart, and I will assume total responsibility for my financial well-being. 1 – Assume you will Work Longer You could have age 50,55,60 or 65…

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The Why’s and How’s of the 6% Post Retirement Investment Return*

Throughout this module I only use a conservative 6% per annum return, compounded over the years. Why? It is the yardstick for real estate investment – 6% rental income yield, at minimum. But today, I will show you exactly how to confidently get 6 percent or more from your investment even during downturn. No bold promises…

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