What is RetireMethod and how it can help you plan for retirement

RetireMethod is EXACTLY for someone is looking for money management strategies in order NOT to outlive their retirement funds.

In other words, so that you do not run out money before running out of life.

Disclaimer: If you are just like 20 or 30 years old, then this might not be for you.


You might say – “I am a CFP/banker/fund manager – I know all these stuff about retirement planning”

Well, I have gone through CFP Module 5: Retirement and Estate Planning topic itself, but the stuff we talk about in Retire Method are advanced topics that are not even demonstrated properly in the CFP program.

Still not convinced? After all, who am I to be telling you all this, right? –

“You probably eat salt more than I eat rice” – Chinese saying.

Ok, ok – Let the content preview below do the talking.

Here are the first three retirement awareness videos for a start, when I first crafted this program back in 2013.


Leaving a Legacy for the next Generation

This section shows you how to dynamically manage your retirement fund by adjusting to life events post retirement.

And still leave a desired amount of legacy to the next generation while you are at it.

Without having one million of retirement nest egg.

Don’t believe me? Then you have to watch this.​

I call it the Scenario Analysis Modelling system

How Losing Money affect your entire Retirement Landscape

We WILL definitely lose money, big or small (hopefully not too BIG) in our post retirement investment. It’s just a matter of when, not “what-if”.

I always think of the worst-case scenario.

If monetary losses happen, we will need to make adjustment in our lifestyle so that we still have money to last throughout the remaining years.

Therefore, we need to be flexible. Cut back expenses for a few years. Forego that vacation.

Sacrifice a bit on our lifestyle, maybe for a couple of years.

But how much to cut back? How much is enough?

Financial plan usually don’t take this into account because it is difficult to model or forecast.

That means no single financial plan for retirement is 100% accurate.

Without periodic review, that is.


By knowing the “system”, you could see for yourself how this impact your entire retirement landscape objectively.

Here’s the tutorial lesson to SHOW you to prove my point. Today.

p/s – Losing money in the early years of retirement brings more impact than losing the same amount later in your retirement, assuming everything being the same.

This would be the most important take-away thus far.

I bet your unit trust agent or insurance agent never ever told you this level of detail.

Getting Consistent Passive Income Post Retirement

After going through the previous 2 videos, you may ask –

“Why only aim for 6 percent annual return post retirement?”

“And how?”

Like I said, I am not talking about bond funds. That’s just so “textbook” as what is advocated in conventional retirement planning/management.

The thing I want to talk about is REIT

This could potentially be better than bond funds.

Ok, talk is cheap, let’s listen to this:

Planning for Medical Expenses Post Retirement

If you think 3 percent annual inflation is a painful reality, wait till medical inflation hits us.

It’s very real, and it’s NO laughing matter.

When I started to create Retire Method, I asked my readers how much it costs them undergoing certain medical procedures.

They gladly replied.

In fact, I got A LOT of replies.

These are current real figures told to me, and I want to share with you in this section.

Prepare for Truckload of Bullsh*t You Heard Before

In case the profanity in the title offends you, I apologize.

I am just trying to make my point clear and emphasize some of the few major myths you have heard before.

Here goes some important take-aways from the video below.​

Live recording of training for CPA Australia

Did you know that I gave a talk to CPA Australia – a professional body of accountants on the topics of retirement money management, back in 2013?
I did that at their Malaysia HQ at The Gardens South Tower.
A group of respected accountants – both old, middle age and young as my audience
You are going to enjoy this –
…when I shared with my audience – about a feedback I got that “RetireMethod is like Viagra to my retirement”

I am NOT kidding…

Let the video do the talking

Part 1

 Part 2

Part 3

I sincerely hope my sharing raises awareness and you benefited from the points discussed throughout the series even if you don’t join the Retire Method community.
I want to be truly honest here, is that, what I’ve shared isn’t necessarily right for you.

Your situation may be unique, so I don’t pretend to be a know-it-all person.

But if you ask me, does the methodology we have learnt so far make sense?

I think it does.

Retire Method don’t promise you instant wealth or guaranteed return – nowadays, too many products or people over promise but under deliver.

Here’s what Retire Method is about:

It is about a framework, a plan and a system that increase the odds of success in achieving post retirement financial goals.

So here’s how it works:
  1. Head over to https://retiremethod.com/offer2016
  2. View the updated Table of Contents of the program
  3. Choose either of the payment plans before it expires
All contents will be made available to you when you bought in the program.
You still have like 30 days to decide if you find any of the content useful. If it isn’t, then by all means contact me for a refund, and you still get the keep the content you downloaded. Your access to the site would be deactivated though, so you won’t get any new content or enhancement I add from time to time.
So, as you can see, the risk is on me.
I am in the business of helping people because I see that post retirement management is something that nobody is talking about.

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