There is a method distilled by a team of fund managers in the world to achieve a cumulative return which is matches Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway portfolio during the volatile market from the period 2013 to 2015.


And I want to tell you about it

  • If you are an pure equity investors, you would be hesitant to invest now - where and what to invest?
  • If you are a trader, you will rejoice for winning 100% in one day, only to get depressed the next day after losing all your realized gain
  • If you have a traditional 50/50 equity/bond portfolio, you'll be confused why equity and bond go down at the same time, defying the equity-bond relationship you thought you know

Here's how the MeTS portfolio performed

Growth of $ 100 visualized from Jan 2013 to 2016

Berkshire Hathaway

2013 Annual Return = 32.7%

Start with 1,000

End with 1,327

2014 Annual Return = 27.0%

Start with 1,327

End with 1,685

2015 Annual Return = -12.5%

Start with 1,685

End with 1,474


2013 Annual Return = 17.05%

Start with 1,000

End with 1,170

2014 Annual Return = 14.45%

Start with 1,170

End with 1,339

2015 Annual Return = 11.15%

Start with 1,339

End with 1,488

Conclusion: MeTS 3 years cumulative return is as good as Warren Buffett's holding, but it really shines in a downmarket. Because in an upmarket, even a blindfolded monkey can make profit from the market

Both of the above portfolio may not look amazing but consider the below:

In case you are wondering...

This is NOT

  • Value Investing in Stocks
  • Stocks Ttrading using Technical Analysis
  • Buy & Hold & Wait Strategy
  • Forex Trading
  • Private Equity or Pre-IPO Investing
  • Commodity or Futures Trading
  • Options, Warrants or CFDs Trading
  • Structured Investments
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