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      We’re so absolutely sure that RetireMethod will inject much clarity into your retirement planning & money management that we’re offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

      If for whatever reason RetireMethod does not help you in any way, simply send us an email within 30 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you right away!

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      Why so many accountants by training joined RetireMethod?

      Scroll to the bottom of this page to know why I was invited to speak to an audience of Certified Practising Accountants of CPA Australia back in 2013

      Choong Yong Khean, 54 (Bukit Mertajam)

      RetireMethod was helpful in the sense that it validates my own calculations. It is good to know that I now have a second opinion that confirms my own calculations. I am now more confident that my money will last if I manage it according to plan. I also know now how to adjust to external conditions beyond my control.  It also helps to know additional information on how to react in case of a bad year of investment returns, how to adjust for inflation as shown in the course.

      Choong Yong Khean, 54 (Bukit Mertajam), Retired, Ex-Sales Manager
      • Solid Actionable Steps

        Strategies & blueprints you can use today, next year, 5 years or 10 years down the road

      • Concise and Precise

        No fluff or filler content.  Build up the foundation stuff you need to know to implement advanced strategies right away

      • Self Paced Learning

        On-line tutorial videos accessible any time, anywhere with Internet connection

      • Privacy and Confidentiality

        Plan & manage your own retirement finances without revealing sensitive information to anyone

      KS Lim, 56 (Petaling Jaya)

      RetireMethod gave me the reassurance that what I have done and am doing so far is on track; and as lifetime member, I can come back to the program 1,5 or 10 years down the road to check if I am still on track.

      Also, the delivery method of the program is more effective than if I were to engage you for say, 5 days – where I could not engage the content creator again after 5 days or ask questions or even feeling pressured to absorb everything within a limited duration

      KS Lim, 56 (Petaling Jaya) On permanent sabbatical aka Retired, Ex Banker & Banking Software Consultant

      With RetireMethod Scenario Modelling © you will be able to...

      • Revise your Assumptions and Reconstruct your Retirement Roadmap on the fly
      • Resolve the Inevitable Changes that occur over time by adjusting your plan
      • Build Confidence by varying the inputs and see how it affects overall roadmap
      • Know with High Certainty the Cause & Effect of every financial decision you make
      • Become Better Informed and Educated from being sold products you don't need
      • Get Second Opinion on how to better manage retirement nest egg

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      • q-iconHow long will it take to get access to the paid content?

        You’ll get immediate 24/7 access on any devices. You will be redirected back to this website after payment at Paypal website. Remember to select “I have an existing account” to relogin using your username and password.

      • q-iconWhy do I have to pay for some of the content?

        It weeds out the freebie-seekers, but freebie-seekers get value out of the free content I put up.  I believe strongly in value-for-value transactions and in developing relationships with as many people as possible. After this exchange we will have a relationship, and that means a lot to me.

      • q-iconIs there a guarantee?

        Yes…everything I do has a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee. In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back.

        Obviously I don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease. You either like what you get or your money back. It’s as simple as that!

      • q-icon Who is this for?

        People who really want to get to the gist of retirement planning without any products purchase. The 12 months installment plan of RM 88/month puts this course within the reach of everyone…if and only if you are serious about retirement planning that is.

      Choo Heng Hee (Damansara)

      I wasn’t expecting to learn much, after all I was sceptical what you had to show/tell someone with many years of accounting background like myself. But after finishing the whole course, especially Module 4, I can honestly tell you it is Very Insightful. I thought I know all the concepts of retirement planning but you laid things out in a very different perspective – often making me think twice about what I thought I knew.

      Choo Heng Hee (Damansara) Finance Manager, Commercial Accounting
      Mr Phua (name changed to protect identity), Petaling Jaya

      I’m an accountant and spent many years working in most areas of accounting and finance. I have my own retirement plan and worksheet, which is not as comprehensive as yours. I took your course to see whether I missed out any key considerations.

      RetireMethod has achieved its objective for me in giving me a “second opinion” that I have a fairly robust retirement plan in place, with many factors taken into consideration.

      Mr Phua (name changed to protect identity), Petaling Jaya Investment Division Director (CLICK HERE to view actual email feedback)
      Elaine Yee, Petaling Jaya

      Definitely a good investment for me because I learnt things which I didn’t know before. Especially crucial when retirement is imminent for me!

      Elaine Yee, Petaling Jaya Soon-to-be-retired, Company Administrator
      Poon Mun Leng, PJ

      I have my own retirement plans – being an accountant, I worked with numbers a lot. However, I joined RetireMethod because I wanted to know how the professionals in the financial planning industry do it. Now, I got a much clearer picture. Another plus point is that the fee you charged is very reasonable. 

      Poon Mun Leng, PJ Accountant at a Malaysia MNC
      Cheong Sheong Ngai, KL

      Personally,the most helpful thing is that at least now I know whether my retirement fund is able to last until I kick the bucket. I can now manage the fund more effectively  along the way with the help of your Excel worksheet (RetireMethod Visualization Tool) as a guide.

      Cheong Sheong Ngai, KL 56 Retired (CLICK HERE to view actual email feedback)

      Who is behind RetireMethod?

      CF Lieu, Certified Financial Planner, Independent Financial Adviser

      Founder of and Featured CFP (Cert) Professional

      The founder of RetireMethod program has also been featured in the following media channels & organizations

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