The 3 Most Difficult Things When you Retire Earlier than your peers

Retiring before the mandatory retirement age in your country might sounds like a dream, but those who have been there, done that came to realize it is not a bed of roses.

Here are the most challenging things you have to take note:

1. You have to retire to something

If you don’t know what you want to do after retiring, you will drift into life without a solid purpose – with nothing specific occupying your days. On top of that, your social circle may deteriorate, you no longer have the burden of heading into work and interact with colleague.

Solution: Even though you no longer needs to plan out your career, you must aims to make a long-term plan for your life.

You probably don’t think much about accumulating money or investments or anything. But make sure it’s more about trying to make sure you’re getting the most happiness out of each day.”

2. You have to avert an identity crisis

Whether you realize it or not, much of your identity can be tied up in what you do. It could be a career or a vocation. And when you retire, suddenly that’s stripped away.

Instead of striving to maintain your past identity, you may want to consider to “forget about who you were and discover who you are.”

Solution: This is easy – you want to get into figuring out the root of what you miss about your old life and finding ways to pursue that within your financial independence.

3. You will feel guilty

“Why am I so lucky that this has happened? How did I get to be so fortunate to get this sort of situation when a lot of my colleagues and friends and family aren’t?” are the questions that may linger in your mind.

People who are as talented and hardworking as you are still working to achieve what you’ve achieved.

Solution: Don’t overthink stuff. You probably sacrificed a lot to reach this stage, while at that time your peers were having overseas vacation. You deserved this entirely

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